4 Hassle Free Skincare Tips for an Easy and Effective Routine

It's hard enough to make yourself do your skincare after a long, exhausting day. Even more so if your routine is longer and harder than it has to be. That is why it is more important than ever to make your routine as easy as possible.
One way to do that would be to try and simplify your beauty routine. You don’t have to reduce it to a bare minimum, but you can go through your stash and decide which products are really worth keeping and which ones work best for your skin. Using practical beauty tools can also allow you to spend less time on your routine and more time doing the things you love. 
Here are some suggestions for you....
1.  Use Spa Headbands
If you are looking for ways to simplify your skincare routine, I bet the last thing you want to deal with is wet hair before bed or ruining your perfectly styled hair while washing your face in the morning. 
Our microfiber spa headbands are more than just cute accessories – they are soft and comfortable, and a really great way to shorten your time in the bathroom while enhancing your skincare at the same time. They also remove makeup with just water.  This is great pro-tip for travel!
2. Prevent the Mess Instead Of Cleaning It


If you are tired of water and products soaking your clothes and making a mess all over your countertops, you will love Skinchies!
Skinchies are microfiber skincare scrunchies you wear on your wrists. They absorb all the water that would usually end up all over your sleeves and counters. The result – you can spend less time cleaning and more time taking good care of your skin.
3. Use Products That Do Double Duty
Again, our Skinchies are a great example of this. Not only can you use them to stop the water from dripping everywhere, you can also use them with just water to remove your makeup! For more resistant/waterproof makeup, you can add a nice, quality cleanser to thoroughly cleanse your skin. (If you are still searching for your perfect face cleanser, try out my two favorites - VI Peel Cleanser and Clinque Foaming Cream Cleanser).
1. Hair Drying Turbans

You’ve probably already heard of hair turbans that dry your hair faster – they have been everywhere lately. Hair turban towels are fast absorbing and they significantly speed up the hair drying process. 
But even more than saving you time – they are actually great for your hair. They are typically made of soft microfiber cloth that doesn’t damage the hair, plus you won’t need to blow dry your hair near as much as you normally would. My personal favorite hair towels are the Rapid Dry Waffle Hair Turban by Aquis.
      These 4 tips can help you shorten your skincare routine while improving the results at the same time. Hope you’ll find them helpful and use them all the time, just like I do.

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