About Us

Hey, I’m Allison. Welcome to Skinchies™! As an avid skincare junkie myself, I’m no stranger to scrubbing off the day’s makeup and washing my skin with my favorite facial cleansers.

I like to think of myself as a practical and efficient person, but my skincare routine was cramping my sensible style. 
Water dripping down my arms, sleeves, and all over the countertops was becoming quite an inconvenience in my skincare routine, not to mention a total mess!

Skincare routine + late-night bathroom cleaning routine = no thank you.

One night as I was doing my skincare routine, I had scrunchies on my wrist and noticed myself and my countertops were dry after I washed my face. The ideas began to flow. 
Skinchies ™ are made from a microfiber, water absorbent, and makeup removing fabric, so you can finally enjoy a mess-free skincare routine at your sink. That’s where the name came into play. Skinchie™ = Skincare Scrunchie™. I’m thrilled to bring this line of daily, practical, functional beauty accessories to help make your beauty routine better.

Be sure to check back soon for our next “practical beauty” product launches. We have some fun new items in the works that will help transport your bathroom into the ultimate at-home spa.