6 Tips to Crush your Goals in 2022

As we see the number 2022 approaching, many of us are trying to ensure we don't see 2020 TOO!  2020 was one of the most difficult years, and we don't want to repeat it. 2021 was unique as well.  The world did not know what to expect and planning became a thing of the past. We had to learn to roll with the punches and rolling with the punches never aligns with goal planning. 


Here are 6 Tips to Crush your goals in 2022.

1.) Write down your goals and put your "why" next to each goal. Make sure when writing your goals they are SMART (specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and timely). SMART goals were developed by George Doran, Arthur Miller, and James Cunningham

Ex: I want to have blemish-free skin by 12/31/2022.  I want to achieve this because blemishes cause discomfort and scarring and I don't like them on my face.  

2.) Create a vision board with a list of affirmations that align with each goal.

Ex: My Skin deserves the best possible care. It works so hard to protect me.  I want to make sure I take the best possible care of it. 

Ex: Use a natural photo of yourself or something else that inspires you. Make sure this is realistic and attainable too. Remember that filters and photoshop are fake.  

3.) Describe what is holding you back from reaching your goals and how you can overcome what is holding you back.  Remember a time when you overcame something very challenging and describe how you got through it. 

Ex: Not washing my face every day. Using makeup wipes and not fully taking all of my makeup off before bed.  Picking at my face.  Eating too much fatty or sugary foods.  

Ex: I was challenged when I got a massive zit on the center of my forehead.  I thought I was turning into a unicorn, but I was actually just experiencing enormous cystic acne. Rather than picking at my face and making it worse, I went to the dermatologist who injected it with cortisone and told me to use warm compresses daily.  Thankfully my pimple is gone and I do not have any scarring. I had to be extremely patient because it took several weeks to heal. 

4.) Find Leverage.  Write down what your strategy/plan will be to assist you in reaching your goals.

Ex: My leverage is my skincare routine and tools. I use Dr. Dennis Gross LED therapy mask daily as well as the NuDerma high-frequency acne device.  My top acne treatments include Origins Out of Trouble Mask, Caudalie Salicylic Acid Serum, Dermatologist prescribed Clindamycin and ZITSticka Killa Kit patches.

5.) Create tiny goals/habits to break up your larger goal. 

Ex: I  will cleanse my fave every morning for 30 days in a row.  I will use my LED face mask every day when I meditate.  

6.) Set rewards for yourself and make sure you reward yourself when you accomplish your goal.

Ex: If I cleanse my face every morning for 30 days I will book a massage. 

I hope these tips are helpful as you are thinking about your 2022 goals. Wishing you all a Happy New Year!




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