7 of Life’s Gifts to Be Thankful For

7 of Life’s Gifts to Be Thankful For

 The holiday season is right upon us, and don’t let it just pass you by. This is such a perfect time to reflect on all the things in your life you can be grateful for. Remember even if you are going through a hard season in your life, you can be grateful for the things of the past that you no longer have to tolerate.  We take many things for granted, even though they make our days, our relationships, and our lives better. 

Here are some things we should never stop appreciating, as they have the power to add something truly special to our everyday-even during some of the most difficult times:

1.) Being outdoors

It is so easy to get used to all the beautiful landscapes you are surrounded by no matter where you live. Taking a relaxing walk, breathing in the fresh air, enjoying the clear sky, watching a storm roll in- sometimes that’s all it takes to wipe away all the stress of the previous week.

     2). Mediation

It’s not always easy to focus on the present, be self-aware and deal successfully with stressful situations. Apps such as Insight Timer or Headspace offer helpful assistance and guidance, whether you are starting with simple breathing or guided meditations, these practices help improve the quality of your sleep and reduce stress in general.

      3. Journaling

Sharing your thoughts and deep feelings with your loved ones can be uncomfortable at times. Writing down your thoughts and insights, favorite memories, or moments you hope to never forget can help you relax, let go, or feel gratitude while adding some clarity to your thinking process. That is something we should all be thankful for.

      4.  Animals

Whether it's petting your dog, playing with your cat or riding a horse, animals can bring so much joy and calm to your life. We don’t appreciate these simple moments enough, Next time you are with an animal be mindful while you pet or talk to them and see how being in the present moment makes you feel. 

      5. Cooking

Another activity we put into the daily chore basket without even realizing what an opportunity for mindfulness and relaxation they offer is cooking.  Cooking healthy meals for yourself and your family can be the purest form of self-care. if you can stay in the moment and think about what a wonderful thing you are doing for your body by providing it with a fresh, healthy, delicious meal.  

       6. Volunteering

Being in a position to help others is not a small advantage, but something you can truly cherish! Bringing joy to people can also make your life better, and more fulfilled and it can even ease some tough moments in your own life.  Focusing on others instead of what you are lacking gives your life a different perspective even in the toughest times.  

       7. Being able to say no

Sometimes it is easier to just say yes in the moment, but ultimately you add more stress to your life.  If at any point during the holiday season you start to feel overwhelmed, just remember you can always say no. No to events, no to activities you don’t really want to do, no to too much work, no to anything that makes you feel stressed out instead of thankful. Sometimes saying no is a necessary way to show yourself the self-care you deserve.

I hope you’ll take a moment to fully appreciate all the little things that make big differences in our lives. What else is on your list of things you are thankful for this year?



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