New Year and New Skin Goals. How to Take a Skin Assessment and Plan for Your Skincare Goals


Another New Year, another great time to make some necessary changes. In the skincare world, that means taking a better look at everything you are doing for your skin and deciding which steps and products give true, visible results. Then keeping those and only those around.

Why waste another year on things that are not worth it?

Of course, when setting your skincare goals, there is no formula that works for everybody. But there are general guidelines that can help you determine what positive changes you can bring into your skincare cabinet and enhance all the things you love about your skin.

Take a good look at your skin and find out what your skin type is and the main issues you would like to address. Remember our skin changes over time, it can become drier, thinner, and more sensitive

How does the condition of your skin compare to the last years? Have your serums worked their magic and your complexion looks brighter and smoother? Or are you noticing a couple more crow’s feet or sun spots?

This might be a great time for you to visit a dermatologist for a professional skin assessment. They can help you understand your skin better and make a plan that leads to noticeable changes in your complexion.

Identify your main skin concerns.

Most of us have more than one skin problem we’d like to see gone yesterday, but sometimes it is easier to get results if you target one problem at a time. So think about what you like least about your skin so you can focus on it, but also about what you like the most about your skin, that you’d like to maintain in decades to come.

Try to make small, realistic goals that can help you track progress over time and motivate you to stay on track.

Quality over quantity

You don’t have to commit to the minimalist approach, but you also don’t need a shelf full of mists and serums you never use. Too many steps can be confusing and draining. Keeping things simple can make it easier to do your routine even when you are tired from a long day.

Tried and tested ingredients

Choose your products based on how they are formulated rather than pretty packages or current hype. Vitamin C, retinol, AHAs, BHA, niacinamide, hyaluronic acid… Ask your dermatologist to help you choose the best ones for your skin and help you pair them properly. You won’t believe what a change a couple of well-chosen actives can make.

Take these tips as a foundation, then build on them and make a thorough plan that should cover your skin’s specific needs. Stick to it and assess your skin again in a year - there should be a noticeable change in your complexion!




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