Top 5 Ways to Show Self Love


As we close out the last day of the "love" month, I wanted to send leave you with a piece that would encourage you to show love year round. 

During the challenging times, it is important more than ever to treat yourself nicely. Self-love is first and foremost about accepting yourself for who you are and loving all your little quirks. But it is also about indulging in small things and learning how to make yourself feel good every single day.

Here are a few suggestions for you on how you can make your day, month or life a bit better right now...

1.) At-Home Spa Time!

Whether you are a skincare minimalist or you enjoy K-beauty 10 step routine, dedicating an evening to an at-home spa is never a bad idea. It is more than just helping your skin look its best - it is about spending some time with yourself, indulging in skin loving products, uplifting scents and relaxing face, hand and foot massages. Take your time and relax.

2,) Try Something New

How will you know what you truly like to do in your free time if you never try anything new? You don't have to become an expert on everything, but you can at least give a shot to something that interests you.

Get creative. Try writing, drawing or photography. Learn how to make scented candles. Enroll in a baking class or an aromatherapy course. Learn a new language. 

Not only can these things be so much fun, learning new things can also add to your confidence.

3.) Take A Relaxing Bath

And don't just sink into a tub full of water - make the whole experience special. 

Add purifying and nourishing products to your bath, whether it be colloidal oatmeal, sea salt or fizzing bath bombs. Light some scented candles and put on some slow music.

Especially if you, like many others, don't really have the time to pamper yourself often. When you do, make it count.

4.) Let Go

Embracing new people and experiences is a very important part of self care, but so is deciding on everything you don't want to keep. Sometimes you need to make space in your life for positive, fulfilling things. 

And anything in your life that doesn't add value or, even worse, holds you back, might as well go. Whether it's decluttering your closet, throwing away expired makeup, staying away from toxic people or even committing to getting rid of all the negative thoughts from your head.

5.) Indulge In Your Favorite Things

Most of us have lists of 5 - 10 favorite things in the world, but how often do you enjoy yours? And the thing is - most people's favorites are small things that can easily fit into your every day.

If your favorite thing is chocolate, just take a piece. If it's hugs, hug your loved . If you love being outdoor,  put a swing or hammock in your backyard. And if you enjoy watching sunrises and sunsets, then set the alarm and be there for it. Do whatever puts a smile on your face.

This 5 steps are a nice way to start your self-care journey, but don't stop there. Make your own list of everything that means self-love to you and make it a point to do something nice for yourself every day. You'll start to notice soon how small things can have a huge impact...



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